Month: November 2012

Cut the Military Budget First

Let’s push the Pentagon off the fiscal cliff! Well maybe that’s not a good metaphor. Regardless, in the nonsense about the “fiscal cliff” here in your nation’s capital, not enough scrutiny has been given to the gargantuan Pentagon budget, which is 57% of discretionary spending, has ballooned over […]

Giving thanks for ceasefire in Gaza

After watching in despair as dozens of people have tragically lost their lives, we can be thankful today for a glimmer of hope–a ceasefire has been agreed to between Hamas and Israel. Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease-fire in Gaza after a week of rocket fire and retaliatory Israeli […]

Stop the Israel/Gaza Violence

Once again, our tax dollars are at work as Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza escalates, including a potential ground invasion. The violence on both sides must end, including the rocket launches from Gaza aimed at Israeli civilians. We mourn the dead on both sides (MSNBC reports this morning […]


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