Action Alert: Tell President Obama: Diplomacy, Not Escalation, Needed on the Korean Peninsula

Please write President Obama and tell him to end the provocative military escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is very dangerous, with the recent provocation of North Korea’s third nuclear weapons test explosion (by comparison, the United States conducted over 1,000 nuclear test explosions, though none since 1992, thanks to vigilance by the U.S. peace movement) and threats to attack the U.S. and South Korea. North Korea’s nuclear test and threats are deplorable, yet the United States and South Korea are in, by far, the stronger military, political and economic position.

Putting out the fire with gasoline is not the answer, yet that is what the U.S. and South Korea appear to be doing with their ongoing war games, simulated U.S. nuclear attacks on North Korea by B-2 and B-52 bombers, and F-22 fighters just deployed to South Korea.

Restraint and diplomacy, not increasing the already robust U.S. military presence in the region, are what’s needed.

Please write the President, urging him to stop the flaunting  of U.S. military might and seek diplomatic avenues to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Humbly for Peace,

Kevin Martin
Executive Director

PS: Please forward this to your like-minded, peace-loving friends.

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