Join the No War with Syria Thunderclap!


Speak in one powerful voice to Congress on September 9 as the they meet to vote on military action in Syria!

Join the No War with Syria Thunderclap. 

On September 9, the message below will automatically be sent to all your friends and supporters. As of today, over 100 people have signed up to have the message below automatically posted on Facebook and Twitter at Noon on September 9 to 77,828 people.

“Tell Congress, #NoWarwithSyria. Military strikes could spiral into another US war. Only diplomacy can end the crisis.

Click on this link and sign up to be part of the Thunderclap. 

Watch a brief video about how a Thunderclap amplifies a mobilization far beyond a single organization or individuals’s social media reach.

If 100 people have at least 200 friends on Facebook and 50 followers on Twitter we would reach 25,000. If 10 of their friends do the same…you do the math!

Power to the peaceful,

Judith Le Blanc

Field Director

Peace Action


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