Updated Syrian War Resolution – Tentative Congressional Schedule

Updated September 4, 2013

More information at

Note: These dates are estimates and are likely to change. The war resolution may not be marked up in the House Foreign Affairs Committee, but may go directly to House floor.

Tuesday, September 10

Senate begins debate (estimate) and votes on the Syrian war resolution. The vote could be delayed until Wednesday, September 11.

Thursday, September 12 or week of Sept. 16

House of Representatives debates and votes on the Syrian war resolution (estimate).






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  1. We don’t want illogical, desastrous war and military attack to Syria (actually it is attacked against syrian innocent people not high ranking government administrations). We want to resolve the conflict of using chemical weapons, through the United Nation by peaceful negotiation and reasoning. We don’t want to spend another resources as we are wasted to Afghanistan’s useless, endless and faied war ( lost about 1500 personal precious life and caused trilions of dollars budget deficit). Which the result of that would be, calamity misery(economicaly and physically) both to our nation and other nation’s people (humanity) which would be involved in these kind of intrusion. We want PEACE NOT WAR, WE WANT PROSPERITY, NOT CALAMITY AND DISASTER. VICTORY TO THE PEACE, CURSE UPON THE DEADLY WAR!

    • Actually until now (Sep 4, 2013) 2253 loss of American life’s, not 1500, in Afghanistan’s war. please consider it on my above-mentioned’s comment. Thaks,

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