WAPO Faith Blog: 10 Things we can do right now about Syria besides bombing

The Washington Post On Faith Blog entry By Susan Thisthlethwaite using the practices of Just Peace to offer alternatives to military strikes:

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  1. Any person who has even the slightest concern for the health and well-being of their fellow human beings, national boundaries irrelevant now, must demand that the Obama administration prove that Syrian government was behind the chemical attacks, not only to the United Nations Security Council, but to the human race and future generations, who will suffer the consequences of World War 3. Are we looking at another Gulf of Tonkin incident, another “ripping babies out of incubators” (Bush One Kuwait), another Bush 2 with non-existent WMD’s and threats of “in the form of a mushroom cloud” and Colin Powell presenting false evidence at the United Nations? Good God people, look how much money, time and legal work was done during the Bill Clinton impeachment process! With the real possibility of World War 3 starting based on the evidence the administration says proves Assad’s forces are responsible, the finest criminal investigative minds in the world should be examining all available evidence, from Americans or Russians or a small island nation in the pacific if they have any evidence to contribute, to determine who carried out the chemical massacre. This is the largest, most important criminal case the world has ever seen!

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