Action Alert

Action alert: on to the next war?

If at first you don’t succeed…

…try, try again to start an unnecessary and costly war.

That seems to be the thinking of some hawkish members of Congress who never met a war they didn’t like. Fresh off an amazing rebuke of military action in Syria, the saber rattling toward Iran is picking up.

Tell your representative and senators to oppose bills that bring us closer to war with Iran.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) have announced that they plan to introduce legislation that would authorize using force against Iran.  They are even using our victory in stopping military action against Syria as their excuse, saying we need to put a scare into Iran and show them the US is serious about its threats.

This legislation couldn’t come at a worse time. At yesterday’s UN General Assembly, the US and Iran set a new tone in their relationship and committed to diplomacy. Secretary of State John Kerry is meeting with Iranian Minister Javad Zarif—the highest level talks between our two countries in more than 30 years.

 Don’t let Congress torpedo diplomacy. Tell your representative and senators to oppose this dangerous legislation.

We stopped the bombs from dropping on Syria, and we can do the same for Iran—if we raise our voices now. Powerful groups are already trying to undermine the diplomatic effort, and there will be intense pressure on members of Congress to support these bills. Be the first one to tell them to say “no” to war with Iran.

Thank you for taking action.

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  1. I am very concerned that the many citizen voices that spoke against attacking Syria will not appreciate that the push for war against either Syria or Iran will continue. My hope is that the war hawk drumming with reach citizens while they’re still resistant to *any* calls to attack anyone. My further hope is that they’ll begin to perceive a pattern that seems to want war, will begin to recognize the language. Thank you for your dedication!

    • You’re absolutely right, we need to continue to be vigilant and keep pushing Congress to avoid these unnecessary military interventions. We all made a big impact on Syria, but we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. We’ll definitely be in touch at important times to contact Congress!

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