Action Alert

Action alert: time to go on offense

The momentum is on our side.

The Senate sanctions bill that Iran hawks sold as an inevitable victory is stopped in its tracks. President Obama used his high-profile State of the Union speech to mount a strong case for diplomacy and renew his threat to veto counterproductive sanctions.

It’s great that we can stop a bad bill. But now it’stime to go on offense. Tell your representative to sign the Give Diplomacy a Chance letter.

Thanks to you, and supporters of other progressive organizations around the country, we have generated thousands of letters and phone calls to Congress supporting the diplomacy with Iran. I’ve heard in Senate meetings over and over that they are hearing far more from constituents who support diplomacy.

Now Iran hawks are looking at the House and trying to learn the lessons from this losing battle. A group of representatives are circulating a letter that states opposition to any new sanctions while talks are ongoing. Sending a strong, proactive signal now can blunt the impact of any new bad legislation. Tell your representative to sign the letter now.

It’s one thing for members of Congress to stay off a bad bill. It’s more of a risk for them to stick their necks out on a tough issue like Iran. We think your representative could be convinced to sign, if you raise your voice and show public support. Take action now.

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