Interview on Iraq on Radio New Zealand

Our executive director Kevin Martin was interviewed about the situation in Iraq by Radio New Zealand on Saturday, give it a listen, it’s the second link on this page. Kevin’s interview follows an excellent commentary by Wayne Brittenden at about 4:50 minutes in.



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  1. Military spending and the struggle for more positive priorities — in attached “letter to the editor ” 7-10-13 Syracuse Post Standard

  2. That was a great story and news to hear that Kevin Martin had a conversation with the person from New
    zealand radio, i say this if the people in Iraq and other part of the world would poll us we could share our idea with them even America,s the people at CBS ABC CNN do not poll us enouth so that we can tell them fax and not just what we hear on the news.
    the key word is ( let us in)
    Rev Dr O.D. Robinson Psy.D

    • to the voter in the State of Mississippi it is a shame that Chris McDamiel is taking Sen Thad cochran to court inorder to throw out the election thad Cochran won,
      Chris McDaniel is just a State Senator, in my opinion
      Senator McDaniel just want to be in Washington to add more firer with the GOP in order to hurt President Obama to the People of the great State of Mississippi
      let us not be pull down by the tea party who is with Senator MCDaniel money shouls not buy an election.
      out with the tea party across America,s
      Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D. your America community organizer the key word is ( say it loud)

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