Your Priorities, Not War

by Paul Kawika Martin

It’s that time of year when Congress figures out the federal budget for next year. The House will take up the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) this week. Despite the Republican stranglehold in the House they may allow a few amendments to be voted on where we can make a difference.

Please call your Representative now at 202-224-3121 and ask them to support amendments to the NDAA that cut Pentagon spending and cut the OCO slush fund.

You’ve heard us talk about the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account. It is supposed to be used to fund the U.S. wars abroad that we oppose. The Republicans and, to a lesser extent, the Obama administration has been using it as a slush fund to cover costs for programs the Pentagon would otherwise be forced to cut. Indeed, the Republicans almost doubled the account to nearly $100 billion at a time when the war in Afghanistan is supposed to be winding down.

This week, Congress may vote on amendments to slash the OCO, make the slush fund more transparent, or both. Additionally, House amendments might address various Pentagon boondoggles like the wasteful F-35 and unneeded nuclear weapons.

This is not how we want our hard earned tax dollars spent. Pick up your phone now and call your Representative, 202-224-3121, and tell them to slash the OCO slush fund and cut Pentagon pork like the F-35 and nuclear weapons.

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  1. I am a vet( coldwar). What I cannot comprehend is why there is such a fascination with nukes. They are only capable of destroying infrastructure not armies. I know that according to doctrine, the earth can take about 10 Nagasaki yield ground bursts. I don’t know how many EMP events or tactical nukes. Of course I know that you can’t just write the human race off as insane. But it’s tempting.

  2. The 2016 NDAA provides $11 billion for 57 faulty, useless F-35 prototypes with bad engines = $193m each. But the entire F-35 system, still deep into development, is too inadequate for operational use as described here.

  3. Peace Action works inside the box. That is important. The end result (when it comes to be) will be peace inside the box. Let’s take a look outside the box. Real peace, inside and outside the box has existed for 68 years in Japan. Article 9 of the Japanese peace constitution guarantees this. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom is working to bring a version of Article 9 as an amendment to the U.S. constitution. Can America survive 68 years of peace?

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