Nuclear Weapons

Tens of thousands of U.S. casualties from our country’s nuclear weapons program


National Peace Action board member Larry Wittner has a new column on History News Network commenting on the staggering death toll, of tens of thousands of people in this country, from U.S. nuclear weapons production and testing. Please read, re-post, share and circulate this article, with a link to a recent video and article by McClatchy News, which undertook an investigative study of this awful consequence of our country’s obsession with nuclear weapons.

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  1. So grateful for your posts! The public needs to know that horrific events such as Hiroshima should not ever happen again to any country for any reason. I will be sharing this site when I do my presentation of my mother’s August 6th experience in Hiroshima to middle school students. It is my hope(and was hers) that my MG Historical Fiction, THE LAST CHERRY BLOSSOM(August 2, 2016 by Sky Pony Press), based on my mother’s life in Hiroshima during the last year of WWII helps this message be heard by future voters. She lost so much that day to pika don, but she NEVER lost her ability to love.

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