What I Saw Campaigning for Bernie in Las Vegas

Peace Action - Groundswell Blog

Two weeks ago – hours after Peace Action endorsed Bernie Sanders for President – I was asked if I had any interest in going to Nevada to join the campaign for a week, from Sunday through the Saturday caucus. My answer sounded something like, “Um… Yeaahhh. Absolutely!” Later that day, I found out that I’d be meeting the campaign in Las Vegas, the world capital of excessive capitalism, materialism, and gambling, and for that week, the heart of a democratic socialist’s campaign for President.

Having grown accustomed to the 8-hour workday, one of my questions for our outreach director Eric was “how long do you think the work day will be there?” He jokingly told me to expect 20-hour days. By day two, it became clear that the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) office where I was stationed had ramped up to a happy middle ground of 12-13 hours of…

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