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We give ordinary people
the tools to change the world.

About Peace Action

Peace Action, the merger of SANE and The Nuclear Freeze, has effectively mobilized for peace and disarmament for nearly sixty years.

As the nation’s largest grassroots peace group we get results: from the 1963 treaty to ban above ground nuclear testing, to the 1996 signing of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, from ending the war in Vietnam, to blocking weapons sales to human rights abusing countries, and eliminating funding for new nuclear weapons, Peace Action and its 100,000 members have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of the international movement for peace.

At Peace Action we believe…

…that war is not a suitable response to conflict.

For nearly 50 years Peace Action has worked for an environment where all are free from violence and war. We understand that long standing global conflicts require long-term solutions, and that US foreign policy has a lasting effect on the world. We are working to promote a new US foreign policy that is based on peaceful support for human rights and democracy, reducing the threat from weapons of mass destruction, and cooperation with the world community. We are against pre-emptive war, and call for a full withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

…that every person has the right to live without the threat from nuclear weapons.

There are still over 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world. The US and Russia still have thousands of nuclear weapons, on hair trigger alert—ready to launch in minutes. While the Cold War may have ended, the nuclear threat has not. The only way to ensure that nuclear weapons will never be used – whether purposefully, or accidentally – is global abolition. The U.S. must lead the way to a safer world by taking our weapons off hair trigger alert, halting our research and development of new nuclear weapons and disarming and demilitarizing our warhead stockpile of over 10,000 nuclear warheads. We can reduce the threat to the world posed by nuclear weapons, but we must start by getting serious about getting rid of our own weapons of mass destruction.

…that America has the resources to both protect and provide for its citizens.

As the Pentagon’s budget soars to $400 billion, 17% of American children live in poverty. Basic infrastructure is crumbling, school are using outdated textbooks, and millions of Americans are without basic health insurance.

For what the US will spend on the War in Iraq, 26,701,621 children could have attended a year of Head Start, we could have built 1,815,194 additional housing units for the poor, we could have hired 3,493,706 additional public school teachers for one year, and we could have provided 9,772,998 students four-year scholarships at public universities(source – National Priorities Project). We believe that these are priorities that should come before war.

What we do at Peace Action…

We are the nation’s largest grassroots Peace network, with over 28 state affiliates, and over 100 local chapters. We organize our grassroots network to place pressure on Congress and the Administration through write-in campaigns, internet actions, citizens lobbying and direct action. Through a close relationship with progressive members of Congress, we play a key role in devising strategies to move forward peace legislation, and, as a leading organizing member of United for Peace and Justice and the Win Without War coalition, we lend our expertise and large network to achieving common goals.

Through our Peace Voter awareness campaigns, we inform citizens about their choices for both local and national campaigns, by highlighting different candidates’ stances on issues relating to peace. Our annual Congressional Voter Guide gives credit to those in Congress who voted for a peaceful future, while holding accountable those who voted for larger Pentagon budgets, spending tax dollars on nuclear weapons, and voted for wars of aggression and occupation.

Given the right tools, ordinary people can change the world.

At Peace Action, we recognize that real change comes from the bottom up and we are committed to educating and organizing at the grassroots level.

When you join Peace Action you become part of an effective citizen movement. We work hard to keep you informed through our quarterly newsletter and publications about the most important news and issues in the peace movement. As a member you can join our Action Alert Network which allows citizens throughout the country to rapidly respond to important legislation online. As a member, you can become an important part of a fast growing national movement, and help us change the direction of our country and the world towards a more sustainable, peaceful future.

Together, we have the power to change the world.

Support Peace.


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  1. A carrot sometimes works better than a stick. Jimmy Carter “bought” peace between Israel and Egypt with financial incentives. This one would help the world in more than one way.

    Iranian Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program – the Road to Peace

    Idea: Ask Iran to stop their nuclear efforts in return for a substantial renewable energy and energy efficiency program provided by the international community. (It is not too late!)


    · Iran’s population is growing at a fast pace. It has doubled to 70 million people in only 30 years

    · Iran says it is building nuclear capability in order to supply much needed electricity for their growing population and economy

    · Due to infrastructure problems, domestic demand and the economic need to export oil and natural gas, these energy sources cannot fully meet future Iranian electric needs

    · Nuclear reactors pose a great cost to the Iranian population because of their high price, security issues (terrorists, accidents, meltdowns), waste disposal and water usage

    · Iran is one the most arid countries on earth and has a severe water shortage

    · Nuclear reactors require millions of gallons of water a day for cooling. Completing their reactors will further deprive Iranians of scarce water supplies

    · Iran has substantial solar and wind resources

    · A renewable energy program (comprised of wind, solar, geothermal and biomass generation) can take advantage of Iran’s plentiful resources

    · An energy efficiency program can help cut electric use considerably by utilizing efficient lighting, windows, heating, cooling, appliances, motors, building designs and other for residential, commercial and industrial applications

    · Combined renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, along with conventional electric generation, can meet all the future electric needs of Iran and thus negate the need for a nuclear reactor

    · Iran’s goal is to expand electric capacity by 7,000 megawatts (mW)

    · Renewable energy costs about $1.5 million per installed mW

    · Iran can meet its future electric generation goals thru renewable energy and efficiency for only $10 to $20 billion. (Of note, wind energy in Germany already produces 20,000 mW of electricity in a country with one-fourth the land area and with less wind speed)


    · Perhaps led by the UN, a coalition of world governments, industries and institutions can fund and help develop the needed wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and efficiency capability in Iran. (Outside funding can convince Iran to close down unfinished reactors in which they have already invested $ billions. It is not unprecedented to close partially completed reactors.)


    · Iran produces all the electricity they need without controversial nuclear generation

    · The production and installation of renewable energy and energy efficiency products would create thousands of jobs and help their economy

    · Iranians will experience many economic and health benefits – renewable energy and energy efficiency reduces greenhouse gases, smog, mercury and other pollution

    · Scarce water supplies, needed to cool traditional electric and potential nuclear generation, can now be made available to the Iranian people

    · Iranian oil and natural gas, saved by renewable electric energy and efficiency, would be available for export

    · The world community would be relieved that another country has not developed nuclear capability

    · $10 to $20 billion invested in Iran would cost far less than military action, blockades….

    • Should have guessed you would be here Mimi…wherever there’s any peaceful blogging to do, that’s where we’ll find you!

      It was a fantastic Blogblast for Peace 2010, thank you!

      Dona Nobis Pacem

  2. Hello, everybody! The rest of the Web world is buzzing with stories about the Virginia Tech shootings. There probably isn’t a lot left to say, but I’m astonished to find nothing at all on this site. Does anyone here see the connection between violence at home and violence abroad, cooked up at home?

    It’s all part of the same sick culture, as Bowling for Columbine so beautifully illustrated. 32 die in Virginia, and 900,000 Iraqi children have been orphaned since the beginning of our war, according to an item on NPR this morning. Guess which gets the column inches — but honestly, both are matters for Peace Action.

    I’ve been around the movement for a long time, and I’m glad SANE/Freeze/Peace Action is still tooling along. You may want to open some windows, though, friends. You can start by checking out the peace organization I work for now: http://www.peacexpeace.org.

    • I wholeheartedly agree.. I’ve also a project that will help get our country & ultimately, the world out from under the grips, but can I get the right people to pay any attention. Who are the right people..? Even as I have been doing the research on this project I propose, for 40 plus years, & expounding on the work & proven theories of many historically, profound, astute, & honored intellectuals & research of all time, as the span of attention has been narrowed to to even less while raising the tensions to boiling point. I have a workable solution if some one were to care to seek me with a positive attitude, for that is key to the progress of NOW.

  3. Fellow Americans:

    A very bad thing is happening to our country. Our own B-A-D-D countrymen are witlessly in league with worldwide insanity. I say B-A-D-D to stand for formal and informal fellowships constituting the “Brotherhood of Arrogance, Deception, and Denial”.

    Very unfortunately, the B-A-D-D is heavily represented in the Bush Administration. And among its supporters, right Vs wrong in politics, religion, and business is regularly subject to B-A-D-D -ly limited habits of perception.

    Under Bush’s B-A-D-D leadership, supported by his B-A-D-D political associates in Congress, our soldiers are dying needless deaths, suffering needless wounds, and needlessly taking second place to B-A-D-D political ambitions. And, when allegiance to a political party comes first, it won’t matter how many kids die under B-A-D-D leadership; and peace will not be found, even as the entire biosphere is falling into a “failed state”.

    Consequent to B-A-D-D concepts easily hiding in universal customs of thought, confusion regularly forms the heart of B-A-D-D company. And as B-A-D-D motives reach to dominate the world, superior reasoning is too easily upended, on all sides of all conflicts.

    Craftily scripted to be spouted in public, the Bush Administration is determined to have darkness taken for light; which is of course, their typically B-A-D-D reaction to truth. The Bush Administration is B-A-D-D to the bone; that is, so long as the bones are those of our soldiers, and not the B-A-D-D bank accounts they really serve.

    America is in a state of emergency, and impeachment is vital to our survival. In Congress, the “good” must act for the B-A-D-D to change, or change will come too late! One for all and all for one, dump Bush now, or dump the world through negligence.

    Rev., Prof. Gola Wolf Richards, http://www.MottoCitizens.com

  4. Hello, and Greetings of Peace.

    It is a pleasure to be able to contact you !

    Right now we are revisiting all of the simple truths that have been here for the seeker all along..

    The Declaration of Independence, so simply states the condition we are still in.. It is clearly time to evolve, or at least try and be a conscious part of the evolution.

    The Freedom we require is “the letting go of the minuscule perception we have, in order to see a more fulfilling reality that will set the whole planet at ease (peace)”..
    This is where each “individual” becomes accountable for choice.. WE ARE ALL OF, AND ARE THE EARTH, it is time to stop oppressing and suppressing any part of The Earth, Body, Spirit..

    Only through radical inner change will this occur. There is more than enough material and of course Love to go around, it is time to share it, so we can be free from the pressures of possession…

    Some of our Brothers and Sisters are still sleeping and have been in a trance for a long time.. This trance is due to the heavy burden that leadership carries.. We have evolved now to realize that we communicate with our creator directly and don’t “need” a physical explanation or limitation anymore…

    We are and always have been free.. Through this Realization or Remembering, we can take individual accountability and release others from the “need” to forcefully assist…
    Equality allows us to envision every bit of life having an equally important artistic component that is creating Gods Masterpiece. Now that we know this we can creatively, “stop the war(s)” and embrace the beauty of every person and culture. Every component is unique and should be embraced as the presence or body of GOD.

    The only and obvious choice we have for the center of our war struggles (IRAQ), is to recognize the obvious truth that the story holds. Baghdad, or “God’s gift” is the returning point of history.. It is where we embrace the “real treasure”, ……. LIFE……., the history that has brought all of us all to our “enlightenment” or awakening….. In “The Present”, we are all alive and can celebrate our individual beauty and efforts that create “it”. We must greet this reality with the gift of selflessness, becoming the whole, such as the Life of Christ..

    One days war fund would make a significant impact if it were peacefully utilized. One days productivity totally placed on selfless efforts of love worldwide would open our mind beyond comprehension.

    In this life-cycle we must know that we are all driving and that together we have the potential to use our experience, knowledge, and efforts to consciously navigate through the infinite. Our life is the paintbrush, Time is the canvas. Let us be conscious and compassionate in our creative efforts, for all of life’s experience is the base layer for this art piece, in True Light you’ll appreciate the colors more…

    Picture a collage embracing every bit of beauty around you and multiply that by seven billion…. Suddenly the future is so bright..

    Please pass this on, without changing it in any form..
    May God be recognized in You ..
    thank you…


  5. The Cronyism from the very beginning of the
    attack and invasion of Iraq still exist, and the
    profits from nothing done is still pouring into
    the pockets of the Corrupt. ANY official that
    is opposed to bringing home the troops has
    to be considering their own profits..

    A tremendous amount of money on no bid contracts
    comes right back to this administration and members
    of congress.

    The secretly arranged contracts, and profiteering,
    another part of the “organized crime” scheme.
    Six contractors, all with ties to Bush/Cheney
    administration,Halliburton, Bechtel Group Inc,
    and several private security companies.
    Those companies conduct war of aggression.
    They are guns for hire, at a high profit for those
    involved. Torture at prisons, intelligence gathering ??,
    stalking the citizens carrying machine guns,
    they are paid to train Iraqi’s, kill others, and are
    a ubiquitous and offensive symbol of the US occupation. These guerillas make up more then 25%
    of the occupation force in Iraq. Heavily armed
    mercenaries, are paid several times more than our troops.

    You need to know that they, unlike our military in Iraq, have complete immunity issued by the US Coalition. They preform the aggression Bush/Cheney
    wants, crucial military jobs once entruxted to the military. They guard the US officials , and key locations in Iraq. Why!! seems they do not have to answer to the congress or any law. 25% of the money being spent, goes to these security companies. Blackwell, best known has 450 personnel, some at $1,500 a day.Blackwater also employs 60 Chilean ex-commandos who were trained under the Pinochet dictatorship.
    The American firm DynCorp has a $50 million contract to train Iraqi police officers.
    The firm USA Environmental has teams of weapons and explosive experts in Iraq and a $65 million contract to collect and destroy unexploded ordinance.Vinnell, a subsidiary of Northman Grumman, has a $48 million contract to assist in the training of a new Iraqi Army.Erinys has the $100 million-plus annual contract to provide security at Iraq’s oil facilities and pipelines.Erinys employs some 14,000 Iraqi security guards on wages of $150 per month, supervised by dozens of former British and apartheid-era South African military.The secrecy surrounding the operations is enabling the White House to obscure the actual cost in terms of men and casualties it is taking to sustain the illegal occupation of Iraq.

    Together six of the many companies contracted in Iraq contributed $3.6 million to federal election campaigns, 85% to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. HOW MUCH
    more from others is still a secret.

    Call it what it is favoritism, collusion, and war profiteering. WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS,

    Ask why no over-site, no accountibility. WHO is
    profitting from the losses. 3800 DEAD. THOUSANDS
    wounded. (American troops) 700,000 Iraqi civilians
    killed, thousands wounded, millions relocated.

    This has not been to liberate. It is to occupy and

    NOW, will you get angry with the rest of us.
    Is this what you neo-cons jumped in for. Is this
    your faith at work ?? Do you support this profiteering
    by organized crime, Bush/Cheney & friends. AIPAC
    & Israel…????????????????????????

    “What they
    call our government”.

    Look at all 67-70 UN resolutions against Israel,
    and the VETO votes by the USA.

    This is what is called “International Organized Crime”.

    How do we attemt to stop it. Impeach Bush/Cheney,
    and force AIPAC to register as a foreign lobby.
    Insist on reform of Government, Foreign Policy,
    and Campaign reform. Public funds only.

  6. There’s a new book on the web called “The War No More Book”, and the whole book is on the site at no charge, at TheWarNoMoreBook.net. It tells how it would be impossible for wars to be started if it were illegal for anyone, anywhere, to seriously advocate that any people be killed. There is the “free speech” issue, but the book argues that if it’s illegal falsely to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater because people might be trampled, how can it be legal to seriously advocate and even organize people to murder any number of people?

    Yet, the book makes the point that it’s not illegal anywhere in the world to advocate killing people, and that if it were against the law, and the law were to be enforced, it would be impossible to start wars. The law would apply to ordinary citizens and to office holders and government leaders…to everyone, and hopefully everywhere rather than the current nowhere.

  7. Hi, my name is Rachel Wormser and I work for Pro-Media
    Communications, a public advocacy public relations firm in New York City. I was wondering if you by any chance have a direct phone or email where we could contact you with info on a few of our clients that would relate well to your blog topics. Thank you so much!

    > Best,
    > Rachel Wormser

  8. Letter to the Editor:



    The assassination of PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY
    Nov. 22, 1963 began my interest in our Country and
    where it was going.
    The war on Organized crime, and proverty by the
    president and, Attorney General Robert Kennedy,
    has held my interest to this date.

    I became a Police Officer, always keeping in mind
    the above eliments, following the changes in
    the economy, and political controls that have
    since taken place.

    Trace back, remember private owned businesses,
    inter-city conditions, and what is now.

    The main thing to remember, is the presidents
    famous statement. Ask not what your country
    can do for you, but what you can do for your

    Then Rev. Martin Luther King. I HAD A DREAM !!
    The following is the outline as I have seen it.

    I support Barack Obama as president 2008,
    because of the similarities to President Kennedy,
    and a refreshing reality to Rev. Kings dream.

    You may not agree, right now we have a right
    to disagree. BUT we may not have, if we do not
    protect our Constitution.

    The rest of my thoughts:

    John Edwards–Vice-President. One America.
    Dennis Kucinich– Secretary of State. What a Statesman.
    Joe Biden– Secretary of Defense. An Expert on Foreign Policy..

    The Dream Team we need. Not more Polarization..

    Thank You for Your Courtesy in reading what I,
    a plain concerned American Citizen, has to say.

    Ron Wal

    I retired after having reported
    wrongful activities, my confidential information
    exposed for politically motivated reasoning.

    Corruption starts at the local level.
    Money gained from the illegal markets of
    drugs, gambling, pronography, contracts,
    special interest invested in free enterprise
    affecting the economy. Such travels up
    the line to county, state, federal levels of

    We then end up as we have now, no
    accountibility, ethics, or real moral values.

    Citizen review boards, panels, Watch groups
    need to be established all the way up the line.

    Written by a non-professional, but with the same concerns as any citizen wondering what has happened gradually over the last 60 years to end up
    at a junction for such FASCISM….

    We need change, not more polarization

    Who is accountable for Rubber Stamping the President’s disastrous policies for America.
    Not only republicans give him the green light.

    Ron Waldron
    Hammond St.
    Jamestown NY

    716 483-5583

  9. To whom it may concern,

    I appreciate your opinion that war is not a suitable response to conflict. I personally do not agree with that; however, I believe that your intent behind it is good and it indeed would be nice to live in a world without war. I do, however, have a problem with you naming the dead in Iraq on your website. They are obviously there for your own agenda, not because you actually cared about them. Many of them would not have the same opinion as stated above. I know, because I have served with them. I would suggest that you take those names off of there. If you decide not to, at least abbreviate their ranks correctly. They’ve earned that.

  10. My husband gave his youth to Viet Nam, and his ability to live life in peace. PTSD robbed him of that. I see nothiong wrong with adding the names of those who have died in this so called war. I read the names of those young men and women and I say a prayer for each.
    If the names of the wounded and those suffering PTSD were added it would take page after page. I don’t think any man or women suffering the wounds of combat would mind the effort most of us take trying to stop this war. I am not dis-honoring those that have gave their all. I am fighting to stop this war and demand that all that have gave their all are treated with respect and dignity. No one should ask our men and women to fight in a unjust war. There is no honor in a un-just war, there is only death and pain. I respect and honor those that have fallen and those young men and women that return home. When I look at my husband of 37 years I see a honorable man that gave everything, and I watch him weep as he sets watching the news. He knows that his life is almost over and that there will be many to take his place on the lsit of those that have gave their all for someones power and control trip.

  11. I have achieved peace and bliss because of the beliefs listed on http://delboltblog.blogspot.com (free, not religious) and those beliefs are helping many people to have a Human Experience without fear or greed (the root cause of all conflict} As a 63 yr old grandfather of 5 my only goal is to do what I can to further World Peace.

  12. Running As A Delegate For Peace To the DNC-08


    My name is Paul Roden, and I am running as Delegate Committed to Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic National Convention in August of 2008 in Denver, CO. I am running because I want our military forces out of Iraq. I am running because I want universal, single payer, non-profit healthcare for all citizens in the United States. I am running because I want to see a Department of Peace established in the Executive Branch of the government. I am running because I want the rule of law, respect for the US Constitution and its system of “checks and balances” restored in Washington, DC. I am running for supporting the enforcement of environmental laws like the Clear Air and Clean Water Act. I am running to help stop global warming by signing on to international agreements like the Kyotto Protocol which will reduce our dependence on fossil fuel, protect our plant and make us more secure by not importing oil from the Middle East. For all of these reasons and more, I am supporting Dennis Kucinich for President. I need your help. In order to get on the ballot on April 22, 2008, I need 250 valid, registered voters in the 8th Congressional District in Pennsylvania.

    I need signatures, I need petition gatherers, and I need your votes. Please help publicize my candidacy. If they move up the Primary to February, I will need help sooner. As it stands now I only have from Jan. 24 to Feb 12 to gather signatures. But that will move to Nov-Dec if they move the Primary to February. I need 15 % of the Democrats in the Primary to go to the convention as a Kucinich Delegate. So if you live in Bucks County, certain wards in Abington and Dublin Township in Montgomery County and certain wards in Northeast Philadelphia, PA, I need your help.


    Paul Roden

  13. I have read through every post that you have here and I am a big supporter of what it is that you are doing. I am currently representing an up and coming reggae artist that is also about the non-violence movement. We have released his debut video “War” I am interested in talking to you about possibly featuring it in your blog…I am not going to post it here right now because I do not have your permission but if it sounds like something you are willing to support please drop me a line at Thomas_m_Walker@hotmail.com. It just seems like there isn’t too much music now a days that promotes peace that you can still bob your head to, Please let me know, and I look forward to hearing from you soon…

  14. Originally commissioned painting for a friend’s masters’ thesis on Cosmopolitanism, 100 limited edition prints are available for sale. All profits will go to starting a website to promote fair trade stores, green traveling and green events. Prints measure 16×20 and are 12 color print on canvas. This highly detailed painting shows many symbols to represent peace.


    Support Peace!!

  15. Thank you for all your wonderful work, available resourcesand support.
    We in Louisville, KY have a ‘new’ U.S. Representative who is Democrat though will not take a stand against this war.’
    How might we enlist your help in bringing our man in to the fold of understanding why this war is to be resisted, stopped and our military never to be used in this way ever again?

    I am a member of Louisville Peace Action Community [ LPAC ] which was formed just prior to the Iraq War to oppose it and we have done so vigilantly and regularly ever since. Ask former U.S. Rep Anne Northup how effective we were in here defeat. Ask Senator Mitch McConnell if he knows of us and our frequent and regular message[s] to him.

    We are a force to be reckoned with and I will be proposing at our next meeting that we become aligned with you for this next election and the many wonderful offerings you have. If we need and should remain associates, you will help us decide that too.
    Thanks again for all you do and I hope to hear from you soon.

  16. FYI: I have a related blog: PeacePundit (http://PeacePundit.com).

    I cover: civilian casualties of war, peace action, war on terrorism, cost of war, and related topics.

    I have added your blog to my blogroll; I hope you’ll link to mine.

    Jeff Johnson (PeacePundit)

  17. Regarding HR 5507 I wanted to let you know that I called Congressman Steve Israel (I live in Northport, NY) and though I was unable to speak to Steve Israel directly (not unexpected) I was able to leave a message with a “Hillary” who responded to my plea to co-sign HR 5507 on behalf of my friends, family, and self almost surprisingly pleasantly. She seemed busy but sounded happy to take the call and was willing to speak briefly with me. She did thank me for calling and sounded sincere. I stressed that this country just cannot afford any more monies spent on or casualties from this war and how strongly I and a number of people I know feel about this. Hope it helps!
    –Liz Zundel

  18. We have heard too many blogs on Peace, Anti-war, etc. Its time now to work on!
    We at world4peace have started working on how to do Peace.

    Visit us as we’ve visited you.

    Henry Hutalle

  19. Dear Blog manager & readers,

    We are a group of Israeli students, dedicated to raising awareness on the various conflict issues in the Middle East. We’ve created an ambitious project called MESC – Middle East Student Conference, which will expose the complicated reality of the Middle East to the world by means of a 5 day International Student Peace Summit.
    We hope you can help us promote this important project in your site and on the web.
    For more information and to contact us, please visit: http://www.mesc-tlv.com
    We otherwise will be very happy to hear your comments and ideas about our initiative.

  20. Dear Barbra,

    I hope you will be able to join us for the Progressive Faith Bloggers Conference, scheduled for the first weekend in August. As a past participant, we hope you will return to share the perspectives you have gained in the past few years blogging on PeaceBlog. (By the way, I just sent around the “sexism sells” post.) This year presents a huge opportunity for those in the blogsphere keyed into progressive issues from a religious background, and we’re really hoping to make a meeting of the minds happen.

    The Progressive Faith Blog Con(ference) would be held the first weekend of August ’08, organized by an ad-hoc committee of bloggers including including Expatriated Texan, CrossLeft, Institute for Progressive Christianity, jspot.org, and the RACBlog, among others. We are hoping to build off of the previous conference by putting together a weekend of workshops, networking, panels, and speakers in D.C.. BUT first we need to know that there is sufficient interest. Given the need for a powerful progressive faith voice during this election year, we hope you will be able to join us.

    Please reply as soon as possible to let me know, on a scale of 1-5, your likelihood of attending: 1 (no way), 2 (unlikely), 3 (possible), 4 (probable), 5 (definite). Quick stats on the event- held in D.C., 1-2 days, weekend of August 1-3rd, low cost, possible travel subsidies.

    Also, if you have any feedback or insights from the last PFBC, questions, additional bloggers to contact or suggestions, feel free to send those along as well.


    Alana Krivo-Kaufman
    JFSJ, Intern

  21. Dear ,

    I hope you will be able to join us for the Progressive Faith Bloggers Conference, scheduled for the first weekend in August. As a past participant, we hope you will return to share the perspectives you have gained in the past few years blogging PeaceBlog. (By the way, I just sent around the “sexism sells” post.) This year presents a huge opportunity for those in the blogsphere keyed into progressive issues from a religious background, and we’re really hoping to make a meeting of the minds happen.

    The Progressive Faith Blog Con(ference) would be held the first weekend of August ’08, organized by an ad-hoc committee of bloggers including including Expatriated Texan, CrossLeft, Institute for Progressive Christianity, jspot.org, and the RACBlog, among others. We are hoping to build off of the previous conference by putting together a weekend of workshops, networking, panels, and speakers in D.C.. BUT first we need to know that there is sufficient interest. Given the need for a powerful progressive faith voice during this election year, we hope you will be able to join us.

    Please reply as soon as possible to let me know, on a scale of 1-5, your likelihood of attending: 1 (no way), 2 (unlikely), 3 (possible), 4 (probable), 5 (definite). Quick stats on the event- held in D.C., 1-2 days, weekend of August 1-3rd, low cost, possible travel subsidies.

    Also, if you have any feedback or insights from the last PFBC, questions, additional bloggers to contact or suggestions, feel free to send those along as well.


    Alana Krivo-Kaufman
    JFSJ, Intern

  22. Hi, I’m a 20 year old Jewish male.

    95 % of my family was killed in the Holocaust.

    For Ahmenajad to say Obama would be a good President means I could never vouch for him.

    I’m extremely pro-feminist myself, and I am happy to see Palin be Vice President.

    We are in a scary time right now, everything is so crazy.

    I want peace so badly. But it’s hard with evil people in this world.

    My favorite tv show is Care Bears. You learn how to love and care for one another.

  23. There is nothing feminist about Palin. She is against the right to choose, she made rape survivors pay for their own rape kits in Alaska (and I am a rape counselor with a lot of experience in this regard – this is a truly fatal blow to survivors whose BODY is their evidence), and she’s the stupidest woman I’ve ever seen on TV. As a feminist myself I am SICK TO DEATH that she may be the first woman executive.

    Yeah, evil people. McCain, Bush and Cheney. ALL EVIL. At least Ahmenajad calls for diplomatic talks – which is more than I can say for the U.S. and Israel.

    I am sorry your family was killed in the holocaust…it was (and remains) a sad chapter in world history. We cannot let the pains of the past interfere with our movement for a peaceful future. EMBRACE your youth and idealism. Take action for your issues – and know if you believe in peace we welcome you to our movement and we will hear you out.

    Vote (early and often!) for who your conscious tells you to vote for. Just remember that ONE wants to keep us in Iraq for 100 years and the other wants to support a timeline. Read all about them on peacevoter.org

  24. GO JUSTIN! I posted your videos on the blog and encourage you to KEEP IT UP!!!! We’re working on a direct action for the last debate in New York and hope that EVERYONE will join us in confront these people daily. We need to be at every rally, every meeting, every opportunity to spread our word. TAKE ACTION TODAY FOR A PEACEFUL TOMORROW!

  25. To whom it may concern,

    I am concerned that this organization will become less an advocate for peace as a tool for the Democrat party. I am not a Democrat, a Republican or a democrat. I am a libertarian, an anarcho-capitalist and an advocate of individual liberty.

    I have seen no evidence that Barak is a peace candidate. Quite to the contrary, he seems to waffle when it comes to withdrawing the troops.

    Joe Biden is a minister and shill for the state. Never seen a big spending

    McCain is a psycho. Palin is a stalking horse to lure disenfranchised conservatives.

    Here in Washington’s 6th congressional district I have petitioned Norm Dicks, Patty Murray and to vote for peace with disappointing results.

    I took a look at your voting record pdf for 2005 – very interesting. How does opposing military intervention for countries that vote against us constitute a “non-peace” action (#5)? Had we adopted this stance in the 80s we would not have gone into Kuwait. Kuwait consistently votes against us in the UN. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington regularly turned down requests for military aid to avoid becoming world police. And speaking of the UN, this entity has been a leach on the cause of peace and freedom since the beginning. It’s a good slush fund for overpaid bureaucrats to get high class partying money from, but other than that the UN has fostered more foreign wars than any single country. By ganging up on developing nations and seeking to impose economic models that make those countries ripe for warlord plucking, the UN has been the instigator of poverty, mayhem and WAR. How is “abandoning” the UN anti-peace (#1)?

    We ought to be encouraging the study and analysis of history. Why do governments war? So they can tax and control. What’s the meaning of a standing army? Police state. Who is our biggest threat? Iraq? No. Iran? No. North Korea? No. China? No. Washington, D.C.? Yes, hell yes!

    So, my question is this: If Obama wins the race, will this organization justify his anti-peace actions or stand against President Obama as they have President Bush?

  26. Peace Action has not endorsed Obama. We as and organization and myself personally are very upset about his stance on increasing troop presence in Afghanistan. I wasn’t part of an ’05 voting record so I’m not sure what you are referring to. I know Peace Action opposes any kind of U.S. military policing of the world – but, we also understand the pain of deciding when to use and when not to use military intervention. I think Darfur is a good example where peace keeping UN troops would be helpful – but, because the U.S. controls most of the money in the UN and we are occupied in Iraq nothing has been done to stop this genocide.

    Sounds like you are really anti- any kind of government, especially a governing body that has a global scope like the UN. That’s fine. I respect your views. I think that governance can be use to better the world. I also believe that we must scrutinize our government to keep it on track with the people’s needs. That is why I adamantly support dissent from government.

    So to answer your question. If Obama is election (which I personally hope he is because McCain scares me to death) we will be on him like white on rice. He will hear from us on Afghanistan and Darfur – about the bloated military budget and nuclear abolition. Good luck to you in your struggle for freedom – we’ll do our part and you do yours. Together I do believe we can take control back from our government.

  27. Please…more information in spanish languaje….


    Happy Nw Year, 2009….peace for irak peace for united states of america…


    from panama repulic of panama.

  28. SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 2008
    Why We Fight
    Of all the human tragedies, the worst by far is war. The decision to kill each other to accomplish goals laid out by a few leaders. There is no period of human history, since the establishment of nations, not plagued by this evil, and no gain made which justifies the destruction of human potential. I wish to take a moment to explore the reasons for this unending cycle of senseless self-destruction in the hope that we may perhaps come to some sensible conclusion as to how to end it. How to evolve beyond the mass hysteria which promotes group assisted suicide at the word of those who do not have to fight the battles they create. This may be hubris on my part, but I cannot think of a worthier goal than peace among humanity. My efforts may be fruitless, but at least I will have made an effort.

  29. Deigratia!!!
    “If you understand my silence you will understand my words”


    SUB: Assumption of the office of the Lord God – Intimation – reg.
    REF: Read the Holy Bible Matthew chapters 24 & 25, Revelation chapters
    19,20,21&22, Daniel chapters 7 and 12, 2:44, Psalms chapters 1 and 2,
    Isaiah 46:1-13, Genesis 1:1, 2:1, Isaiah 42:1-2 and 1Timothy 6:14-16.


    May the peace of God be with you. I hereby inform you that I assumed the office of the Lord God of the Earth on 21st October 2005, 8.30 PM onwards according to the order I received from God, and God is ruling the earth now. i.e. Reign of God started. Please note that the appearance of God to the Lord God as described in the holy bible 1 Timothy 6:14-16 happened to me on the said date and time. If anybody fights against me will get death, hell, hades and subterranean fire, according to the verdict promulgated from God on the same day. God also approved makudam/diadem (picture in my website) as the only official symbol representing God, which is portrayed from the view at both worlds during the arrival of God, which is the crown of the Lord God, which has to be used with great respect and holiness, and angels are revolving around it wherever you see this symbol. With this incident, all the prophecies in the holy bible are complete and the Lord God described in the Holy Bible Revelation 22:5 started to rule the earth. Please inform this matter to all authorities, churches, religions as well as people, and do the necessary at the earliest to facilitate reign of God. Lots of other research works as well as activities has to be conducted and co-ordinated to speed up the process and to save the earth. Further details can be obtained from my website http://www.makudam.net I hope that my executive secretary Holy Spirit might have informed this already. Please note that we have an Object Oriented Creation and Standardisation now for everything we create according to the will of God under whom we were created and working for the smooth and comfortable life on earth. I also need your blessings and prayers for the execution of the will of God.

    Please note that this empowerment happened through the satisfaction of the follwing prophecies in the Holy Bible. A man born on earth became the King of Zion (King described in Psalms 2:1-12) who was challenged and killed at the United States of America as described in Psalms 2:1-12, who resurrected and became the man who execute the will of God (Bird of Prey from the East as described in Isaiah 46:1-13) who received the Crown (makudam/diadem) of Justice and Glory shown from Zion as described in Psalms 50:2 and who became the Son of Man who came along with Lightning (which is described in Matthew 24:27), who became the King of United States of America, who became the Angel (The Word of God as described in Revelation 19:13 – who is having many crowns on his head, who is the King of kings and Lord of lords), who became the Christ (The Messiah as described in Revelation 20:6), who became the Lord God (The Lord God described in Revelation 22:5, before whom GOD appeared as described in 1 Timothy 6:14-16, on 21st October 2005 at 8.30 PM), who is having the ever lasting Power, Glory and Dominion as described in Daniel 2:44, 7:13-14 and 12:7 and Matthew 24:15. The Word of God -Jesus Christ- (according to the belief of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church and other churches) also appeared before me and informed me about the plans of God, before the appearance of God. I also took charge as the King of Kerala City according to the order I received.

    I am also happy to inform you that I published a research paper at the International Conference on Biotechnology (INCOB 2008) at VIT University, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India on February 6-8, 2008 informing the world that I got the Key of the Sixth Sense, which was a very important research area throughout the world. The title of the paper was “Theoretical Study of Biological Communication between living beings and biological networking of humans”. The published paper is available at my website. Please read the paper and also all the links in the website through which you will get an idea about God and religion and also from where life comes from. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact me for clarification. Through this paper I informed the world the following:

    · God constructed the sky and earth.
    · God appointed me as the Lord God.
    · I have the key of the Sixth Sense.
    · Each cell is communicating with adjacent cells and each human is communicating with spiritually adjacent humans. Any imbalances in the communication affects the cells and hence diseases and death occurs.
    · Purity in thought is required to protect the cells – for a disease free world.
    · For an efficient communication proper networking is needed. So construction of a biological networking of human being known as S-NET started. Actually this is the new sky, which is being developed along with God.

    Please also note that I am currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Electronics, B. P. C. College, Piravom, Ernakulam, Kerala, India, which is a Government aided college working under the management of Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Education Trust, under the holy apostolic see of His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East.

    A new IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC 2008) is completed on October 15, 2008 at Singapore which provided as an international forum that brings together those actively involved in areas of interest to the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society, to report on up-to-the-minute innovations and developments, to summarize the state-of-the- art, and to exchange ideas and advances in all aspects of systems engineering, human machine interface, and emerging cybernetics. They also included new branches of science such as HUMAN MACHINE SYSTEMS, BRAIN-BASED INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS and HUMAN COMMUNICATION SCIENCE. You can view the details of this IEEE 2008 session at http://www.smc2008.org

    Also note that there are lots of Research works going on to find about the spiritual world and that about where the spiritual and physical meets which is inclusive of the God’s particle (Higgs Boson) all over the world to facilitate the reign of God.

    Please note that we are living in an age where we have to save the earth as well as our own lives to have a comfortable life on earth as well as towards the eternity. You can participate in this process by at least submitting your hearts to Lord God and listening and executing what God asks you to do according to your will and capacity as well as the will of the creator which is very necessary for the Kingdom of Heaven. Being the information that I provide about God and creation may have difference with your conventional thoughts and beliefs which might have been trained by the evil liers, I am working internally to transform those thoughts and beliefs in to the real world, where we cannot hide anything. I call it as S-NET, which is nothing but a biological networking of human beings. I am also working on an S-MAIL system (sky mail) through which people can communicate through the thought level. This work also has to be extended to the earth in an organised manner for which I am requesting your help and support according to your capacity and available resources. Please note that this is not to destruct any human being but to give life to each individual without making any futile creation, which is possible only with GOD. I am expecting your early reply and actions based on this information.


    Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter.

    Please inform this matter to all.

    With love and regards,


    Reji M. Issac M. Sc., M. Phil.
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    Piravom P. O.
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    Senior Lecturer in Electronics
    B. P. C. College,
    Piravom P. O.
    Ernakulam – 686664


  30. Hi Barbara,

    I’d like to connect you to a video that will definitely move you. If you can please post this up. We’ve done a track to help spread the word of Peace and non-violence. One Voice can definitely make a difference and it would be greatly appreciate if you can help in this movement. 100% of the proceeds are going to Warchild.ca charity.


  31. HI Barbara that i want to all world peace i would like to sharing with you for my poem ” PRAY FOR PEACE ”

    AROUND the world hands hold together for peace

  32. Dear Friend,
    We are the Peace and Neutrality Alliance in Ireland. We believe we have similar aims. We are holding a conference at Shannon Airport in Ireland. Shannon has significance since it is widely believed to have been used for rendition flights.

    It would be fantastic if you could support our conference in any way, especially if you could attend. Please look at our website and email us (pana@eircom.net) for further information.
    Website: http://www.pana.ie

    Peace Conference on War NATO and the Lisbon Treaty
    Park Inn, Shannon
    Saturday 5th of September 2009
    for more information contact Roger Cole Tel: 087-2611597
    About PANA
    The Peace & Neutrality Alliance was established in December 1996 in Dublin. Membership is open to all groups and individuals that accept our 5 objectives.
    A wide range of groups and a growing number of individual are affiliated to PANA.
    PANA seeks to advocate an Independent Irish Foreign Policy, defend Irish Neutrality and to promote a reformed United Nations as the Institution through which Ireland should pursue its security concerns.
    PANA’s first major campaign was to oppose the Amsterdam Treaty. We sought a Protocol, similar to that already achieved by Denmark that would exclude Ireland from the militarisation of the EU. PANA was the main alliance in the referendum campaign seeking to reject the Treaty and 37% of people voted NO.
    This was a substantial increase in the number of Irish people voting no from
    previous EU referendums.
    We next campaigned to ensure there was a referendum before Ireland joined NATO’s PfP. We again lost, insofar as the government joined without a referendum. Yet the erosion of Irish Neutrality was again highlighted.
    We organised a major Conference on Transforming the United Nations which helped to consolidate our growing status as an Alliance.
    We campaigned against the Nice Treaty where we again sought a Protocol similar to that already achieved by the Danes and this time we won.
    The government was forced to agree to a Declaration on Neutrality, an addition to the Constitution which meat that Ireland could not join an EU common defence without a referendum. While the 2nd referendum was passed the NO vote increased despite the concessions.
    There is therefore clear evidence that approximately 37-40 % of the Irish people support Irish Independence, Democracy and Neutrality and oppose the transformation of the EU into a Federal superstate.
    PANA is now campaigning against the government decision to allow Shannon airport to be used by the US in its war of conquest of Iraq.
    The Peace & Neutrality Alliance is affiliated to the Peace and Human Rights Network and TEAM, the European Anti-Maastricht Movement, which seek to bring together like-minded groups in Europe and co-operate with similar groups throughout the world.

  33. You people have to realize that not all conflicts can be resolved with peaceful means. For the religious out there…. How did Moses get the Pharoh to release the hebrews? First he asked. Then he asked again. Each time he was met with the same answer. NO. So what happened? Moses with the help of God unleashed the plauges upon Egypt. Only through violence did the stubborn Pharoh give in. Peace had failed.

    Fast forward to the late 1700s. A new nation was on the rise of being born. This nation was America. How did the Americans gain their Independence? Well first our founding fathers tried peaceful approaches. The Declaration of Independence anyone? The King of England was not pleased and sent more British troops to the colonies. After failed attempt after failed attempt the founding fathers new what had to be done…. Thus giving birth to the American Revolution.

    Fast forward yet again to the 1930s. An ambitious Adolf Hitler is making his rise to power in Germany. He defies the European nations by breaking treaties Germany had signed after its defeat durring the first world war. It was forbidden for them to build up their military and yet Hitler did. The leaders of Europe were getting nervous and were angry with Hitler for his actions. Yet they did nothing more than to appease the dictator. they made empty threats and eventually just gave in to Hitler who was patiently waiting to unleash his shock troops across Europe. The Europeans failed to act and failed to realize when peace was no longer an option. Too bad for the Polish who were the first of many countries to fall under the Reich. Had the Allies taken preemptive measures againt Hitler world war 2 wouldnt have happened. But because the sheep in Europe got their way Hitler went unopposed until it was too late.

    People war is not a good thing. It is a terrible thing. However it is sometimes neccessary to survive. Sometimes peace cannot be achieved without war. The enemy we face has known nothing but war and constant conflict. They are taught radical Islamic teachings from the Karahn. they are taught to hate the west and Isreal. they cant be reasoned with as they see this as a sign of weakness. to you and me compromise seems like a logical thing to do but to the terrorist this is a sign of weakness and stupidity. They will not rest until we are all dead. America tried isolationism before and it got us two world wars. Just because we are surrounded by water does not mean they cant attack us. The wars in the middle east are terrible but neccessary. If you cant see that then you are blinded by the liberal media and you are making a grave mistake. See the problem with hardcore liberals is that only when its too late, only when thousands of our civilians lie dead, only when the streets run with blood from the bodies of children, only then will they know what needs to be done. Only then will they realize that in this world there are some people who cant be reasoned with, cant be bought or bullied, some men are just evil and they want nothing more than utter choas and destruction.

  34. I also find it funny in the about section how it says they are Against pre-emptive war. So in other words if the United States can prevent a huge catastrophe or attack on this nation it is unacceptable to hit them before they hit us. But it is however acceptable for our enemies to attack us first….. hmmmmm…… that is of course unless the founding members of this organizations children or loved ones are hurt or killed in an attack on U.S. soil then the arguement will be where was the Military? Why wasnt anything done to prevent this attack? Oh sorry we arent for “pre-emptive” war.

  35. Can’t find a “contact us” link on here; is there a way to contact Peace Action? Wanted to talk about the Capitol Boogie in Takoma Park on Nov. 21.


  36. being a peace advocate means that you must start it from within your self. You cant promote peace if your to shatter from within. .we must remember that peace is not as expensive as “WAR”.

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  38. Hi, thank you for this blog & for all of the work you are doing, it is truly inspiring. My name is Ashley Cooper & i am currently traveling around the World with my partner trying to raise 10 million USD for charity by Dec 2016. We hope to inspire a more open and caring future generation through our blog & documentary film series. I would be honoured if you would check out the latest episode from our web series, Peace Love & Photography,
    Thanks so much & Once again thank you for all you are doing for this World xo

  39. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I
    would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me.
    I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of

  40. We just wanted to let you know about our new website: peacecolleges.com that provides an overview of 40 American and Canadian college and university programs that offer bachelor’s degrees – i.e., majors – in which the study of peace is oriented toward understanding the psychological and socio-economic roots of harmful conflict. Please feel free to browse our website, give us any feedback you think would be helpful and share the website with those who might find it interesting.


  41. Perhaps posting interviews with men and women from around the world who are interested in creating a peaceful world to YouTube (Skype interviews, Video Interviews etc.) would be an effective way to increase awareness and communication between people around the Earth. For example I am if Finnish (Finland) descent but have no idea what the leader of Finland thinks about the world situation. A model that comes to mind is a woman you may be aware of: Lilou Mace. She has interviewed 100’s of men and women around the world and posted them on YouTube. Her discussions are on spirituality and she has a substantial following. Another possibility is documentary films. A relatively inexpensive Canon EOS allows motion picture quality filming so a documentary would be relatively inexpensive to produce.
    Thank you,

  42. I recently discovered that the peace symbol made back in the 1950’s was flipped upright and use for nuclear disarmament. So I created some art work supporting this idea of the peace symbol standing up. It’s Peace Up and this is my project.


    As much as the American Jewish Lobby, together with Israel’s Barak and Netanyahu are pushing for a new global conflict, America may still be saved by just a few brains who are beginning to realize that Israel is the biggest threat to world peace.

    We are the anti-Zionist’s “think tank.” We are an important part of the anti-Zionist’s mission to produce and disseminate ideas so that individual and corporate members, as well as policymakers, journalists,

    students, and interested citizens in the United States and other countries, can better understand the world and how Zionism policy choices causing serious problems to the American Republic and other around the world.We do that by thinking, writing, and speaking about a broad range of Zionist issues. We are not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or prejudiced against any race, creed, or national origin.We are prejudiced only against criminals.Daryl Bradford Smith does not discuss or investigate evidence to the Holocaust. He will, however, speak about free speech issues and our basic human right to freely exchange ideas.Finkelstein believes the support of Israel is one of the they lie about the Holocaust:Organized American Jewry has exploited the Nazi Holocaust to deflect criticism of Israel’s and its own morally indefensible policies.Some Vatican officials, some secret societies, some oil companyand other people may be assisting the Zionists in their wars and corruption, but I would say the Zionists are the masterminds, and the other people are their Useful Idiots.Thank Democrat Governor Cuomo of New York for his
    taking a stand against corruption in government.Thank Republican Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana for
    his stand against corruption in Government.These two men are very rare examples, they stand commitment, be very cautious of any one else jumping on the band wagon with a false political pretense.

    2013 – Compared with last year, the joint wealth of the 165 Zionist billionaires has grown substantially.The Zionist Billionaires Who Control Political Discourse.America is in big trouble, and there’s hell to pay. my conclusion, based on careful analysis and evaluation of the clear and present danger which confronts us. are in charge of this country, and not ordinary swindlers either. These greedy crooks are devil-men, murderous in nature, determined to pull the plug on our freedoms and liberties.Republican Party Leaders, Mitch McConnell (Senate Mitch McConnell most corrupt Senator in Washington) and John Boehner
    (John Boehner ” Cry baby Boner” is caught red-handed in an amazing act of corruption). Together with Eric Cantor, typical corrupt republican politician, have taken the Party down to the bottom of the sewer “the infrastructure of the party NOW”.It is amazing to most American,s that the conservative right supports such, along with the Evangelical religious leaders,
    and the Tea Party leaders also supporting the same.Supporting the Israeli, AIPAC, corrupt agenda as well.There is no ethics or real ethics committee in Washington to enforce any rules & regulations.The research is done my friends:

    GoogleMitch McConnell & corruption.John Boehner & Corruption.Eric Cantor & Corruption.Paul Ryan & Corruption.Carl Rove The master mind of corruption, partner,Dick Cheney and The Halliburton Loophole .Republican Party & Corruption.The Tax fraud of Tax Exemption, and cover-up, breaking downIRS to change makers.Also Google AIPAC and corruption & control of our government.

    Research also done: Done so by several professors, authors, and
    Journalist. 127 Journalist assassinated in Iraq, dying along with
    our sons & daughters fighting a WAR on false information from Israel, & Mossad.
    An illegal war, and several war crimes committed
    with no prosecution of any one.

    BUT any one giving us the TRUTH, is a terrorist, a whistle-blower.
    Come on Americans wake to Hell up. THIS IS YOUR GOVERNMENT,
    Take it back, before our kids are forced to learn Hebrew.

    Israel’s & AIPAC’s Vicious Band of Zionist Criminals Are Stealing

    America Blind and Now Threaten Our Very Lives.

    US condemnation of chemical weapons use not applied to Israel

    From: Ronald L. Waldron

    New Snowden revelation details vast US intelligence “black budget”
    Friday saw yet another exposure of closely guarded US government secrets by whistle-blower Edward Snowden, as the Washington Post published an extensive budget report covering an array of US intelligence agencies. The $52.6 billion budget published by the Post, 178 pages in length, contains a wealth of documentation concerning the finances and activities of the US “intelligence community.”__( Some of the information in the leaked document is, however, being withheld “after consultation with US officials.”)_CENSORED!!As the budget document shows, since 9/11 the CIA has metastasized into a global paramilitary operation that kills and tortures people around the planet, carrying out a constant reign of terror and criminality behind the backs of the American people. Funds allocated since 9/11 have financed a massive growth of CIA activities, including the creation of enhanced interrogation programs, secret “black site” prisons, and the use of drones for strike missions by intelligence personnel. As the Post wrote, “The document describes a constellation of spy agencies that track millions of surveillance targets and carry out operations that include hundreds of lethal strikes.”
    Billions of dollars are collectively allocated to fund this regime of global lawlessness, without any disclosure to the American people. The US has spent more than $500 billion on intelligence since the 2001 attacks, or over $100 million per day, and the CIA has seen a gigantic growth of its budget over this period. The CIA’s proposed budget for 2013 totaled $14.7 billion, for a 56 percent increase since 2004, while the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office were to receive over $10 billion each.
    The budget contains massive outlays for information collection and processing by the CIA and NSA. The CIA spends $1.7 billion annually on data collection, and runs a joint signals intelligence collection effort with the NSA codenamed CLANSIG. The budget lists 35,000 employees as part of a “Consolidated Cryptologic Program” which brings together surveillance teams from the NSA and the four branches of the military. The NSA will also spend $48.6 million on problems related to “information overload,” that is, on efforts to manage the vast data streams being sucked in on a daily basis by the agency.
    The budget also shows large allocations for military-style activities abroad run by the intelligence bureaucracies. US spy agencies will spend $4.9 billion for “overseas contingency operations” in 2013 alone. This will include $2.6 billion for covert operations carried out by the CIA, such as the secret wars the agency is waging in Pakistan and Yemen, and payments to proxy militias such as the Al Qaeda-linked proxy forces fighting against the Assad regime in Syria, including the al Nusra Front.
    Staggering quantities of money are being spent to sustain America’s intelligence forces. The NSA itself will receive over $10 billion this year, all of which sustain NSA efforts to spy on the population of United States and of the entire world. Across the United States, schools are being gutted, jobs slashed, and medical facilities shuttered, yet well over $50 billion per a year is dedicated to unconstitutional spying, extra-judicial murder and systematic torturing in a global prison network.
    The release of such detailed and comprehensive information about the intelligence budget to the public is unprecedented. As Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists told the Post, “a real grasp of the structure and operations of the intelligence bureaucracy has been totally beyond public reach. This kind of material, even on a historical basis, has simply not been available.”This information about the intelligence bureaucracies and their activities has become available only as a result of Snowden’s actions. The danger that its secrets could be revealed by principled opponents of spying such as Snowden has not been lost on the NSA, however, and the documents show repeated investigations of thousands of analysts this year as part of an attempt to avoid “potential insider compromise of sensitive information.”That an attack on Syria is going ahead anyway despite massive popular opposition is an expression of the domination of the American state by Wall Street and the vast military-intelligence apparatus exhibited in Snowden’s latest release. These forces are determined to attack Syria, and from all appearances they will carry out their bloody plans. Responsibility for launching another neocolonial catastrophe lies with the reactionary social interests that control the US economy and state, the capitalist class and the upper-middle class layers that defend capitalist rule.These are the same forces that have poured weaponry into Syria to fund opposition militias dominated by Al Qaeda. Today, in the face of overwhelming opposition, they are pressing for a war in which US planes will ride to the rescue of US-backed Al Qaeda fighters on the ground, in the name of upholding “international norms.” And, as the budget document’s assertion makes clear—that operations are “strategically focused against the priority targets of China, Russia, Iran, Cuba and Israel”—operations in Syria are only a prelude to confrontation with the other major powers. Pakistan is also referred to as an “intractable target.”According to the authoritarian legal doctrines that have gained influence with the growth of the national security state and the financial oligarchy, which derive from the theories of Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt, the existence of exceptional circumstances, such as a terrorist threat, authorizes the state to override all legal protections, such as those guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights. The prevalence of such conceptions only points to the underlying reality: the intelligence bureaucracy and the social forces that control it are effectively above the law, and will tolerate no limits on their power.It is only a matter of time before these instruments of repression are turned against mass struggles within the United States itself. Faced with the deep crisis of world capitalism, the ruling elites will increasingly seek to rely on war abroad and military-police repression at home in defense of their privileges.

    US condemnation of chemical weapons use not applied to Israel
    The Obama administration plans military action against Syria under the pretext–totally unsubstantiated–that President Bashar al-Assad’s regime ordered the use of chemical weapons in an attack on a Damascus suburb on August 21. It has described the use of chemical weapons as a “moral obscenity,” such that the United States has a “moral obligation” to punish the country that uses them.No such moral obligation is invoked against Israel, however, which has the largest stockpile of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in the Middle East, and is the only state not to have signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. As Foreign Policy web site pointed out on Monday, not only has the US known for decades about Israel’s chemical weapons, it has also kept quiet about them.But it is not just that Israel possesses a large arsenal of chemical weapons. It has also used them against the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, against Lebanon and Gaza during military assaults in 2006, and during Operation Cast Lead against Gaza in 2008-2009. Such was the evidence against Israel that Tel Aviv was forced, after initially denying accusations by the Lebanese government that it had done so, to admit that it had used phosphorous shells, which cause chemical burns, in its war against Lebanon in 2006.A protocol to the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons bans the use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations or in air attacks against enemy forces in civilian areas.None of this has ever evoked a word of condemnation from Washington or Israel’s European allies, much less a call for Israel to get rid of its chemical weapons, sanctions or a threat of a military assault to defend the victims of Israel’s military might. Indeed, the US has funded Israel’s armed forces to the tune of $3 billion a year for years, and last year voted to increase this support.In other words, it is entirely legitimate for a US ally to develop, build and use chemical weapons and for Washington to continue to fund Israel’s criminality. The same is not true for its enemies.

    The 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention prohibits the manufacture, use and transfer of the deadly weapons, but provides no mechanism for enforcing its rules. This is now a task that the US, one of the foremost developers, suppliers and users of chemical weapons from the 1950-53 Korean War onwards, has arrogated to itself as the world’s policeman.While 189 states have signed and ratified the convention, Israel signed but did not ratify it. Israel is one of just seven countries, along with Burma, Angola, North Korea, Egypt, South Sudan and Syria, which either did not sign and/or ratify the treaty.Israel also never signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. Its attitude towards both is one of ambiguity.In 1993, the US Congress Office of Technology Assessment WMD [Weapons of Mass Destruction] proliferation assessment included Israel in its list of countries having undeclared offensive chemical warfare capabilities. Five years later, Bill Richardson, a former deputy assistant defence secretary, said, “I have no doubt that Israel has worked on both chemical and biological offensive things for a long time. There’s no doubt they’ve had stuff for years.”Israel has a centre for chemical and biological medical research, its top secret Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), at a secure site in Ness Ziona, 20 kilometres south of Tel Aviv, with another at Dimona in the Negev. Employing hundreds of scientists and technicians, the IIBR is widely believed to have developed chemical and biological weapons, but official censorship prevents any discussion of its activities.Following the crash in 1992 of an El Al plane carrying nerve gas ingredients from Israel to the US into an Amsterdam residential area, the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad found “strong links” between IIBR and similar research centres in the US, “close cooperation between IIBR and the British-American biological warfare program,” and “extensive collaboration on BW research with Germany and Holland.”

    Since 2001, following the outbreak of the second intifada, there were several documented incidents of Israeli soldiers using an “unknown gas” against Palestinians, particularly during a six-week-long campaign by Israeli military forces in Gaza.The well-known US film director James Longley happened to be filming in Gaza, Khan Yunis and Rafah during the first major Israeli incursion in the spring of 2001. He immediately filmed the victims. Gaza Strip, his award-winning film, shows very graphically the reality of chemical warfare–the canisters, the doctors, the eyewitnesses, and the awful suffering of the victims, many of whom were hospitalised for days or weeks.

    These attacks were to continue for several years. In June 2004, Gush Shalom, an Israeli peace group, reported an incident in the West Bank village of al-Zawiya where 130 patients were being treated for gas inhalation after the Israeli army broke up nonviolent protests against Israel’s security wall. The group said it was not the usual tear gas. It asked, “Now, is this a way of dispersing a demonstration, or is it chemical warfare?”

    As the news of these new gases trickled out, international journalists investigated, with BBC Television carrying out a special report in 2003 into Israel’s use of “new, unidentified weapons”. It reported that Israel refused “to say what the new gas was.”During Israel’s military assault on Gaza in the summer of 2006, doctors reported that dozens of victims had completely burned bodies and shrapnel-type injuries that X-ray machines had been unable to detect.Lengthy research and analysis of the samples of metals found in the victims’ bodies and examination of the unusual wounds led to the conclusion that the most likely cause was missiles very similar to the US-made Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME). Other victims were found to have traces of tungsten, a highly carcinogenic substance.Israel again used phosphorous shells, whose effects are extremely harmful, in the weeks-long aerial bombardment of the largely unarmed and defenceless civilian population during Operation Cast Lead in 2008-09–the murderous assault on Gaza that resulted in between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinian deaths, with just 13 Israeli deaths, 4 of them from friendly fire.

    The UN fact-finding report, known as the Goldstone Report, reiterated the findings of numerous other respected international studies, confirming Israel’s disproportionate use of force against the Palestinians, and accusations against Israel and Hamas of war crimes and “possible crimes against humanity”, including Israel’s use of phosphorous. It said that Israeli forces were “systematically reckless” in using white phosphorus in built-up areas, citing the Israeli attack on the UN Relief and Works Agency compound in Gaza City, the attack on the Al Quds hospital, and the attack on the Al Wafa hospital.

    Far from this resulting in any referral of Israel to the International Criminal Court, Goldstone and his co-authors were subject to an international campaign of bullying, intimidation and vilification of the investigation by Israel, leading Goldstone to make a cringing retraction of his own conclusions. But his three co-authors rejected calls to recant their report or misrepresent its purpose, saying that it would “disregard the rights of Palestinian and Israeli victims to truth and justice”.

    It was Israel’s development of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, coupled with its vastly superior military forces, that prompted Damascus to establish its own chemical weapons programme following the capture in 1967 of Syria’s Golan Heights, their subsequent occupation and annexation, and the establishment of Israeli settlements inhabited by 20,000 Israelis.

    US condemnation of chemical weapons use not applied to Israel:

    Time for any measures needed to bring Israel down to its size. Enough of the atrocities against its neighbors and Palestine. Everyone needs Peace and a quality of life not seen since 1948. Time for the action promised by our PRESIDENT.
    This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the United States of ISRAEL!!


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