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Stop Militarizing the Police

The tragic death of Michael Brown at the hands of the Ferguson police is a reminder that the upsurge in violence is not restricted to the Middle East or any one place.  It’s right here in our own communities. Like the Trayvon Martin killing two years ago, the […]

The Fall of the US Empire – Asserting it in our work as peace and justice organizers, especially to empower people to create something better in its wake!

–Kevin Martin, executive director, Peace Action This is something that has been rattling around my brain for a while, but recent conversations with Phyllis Bennis, Judith LeBlanc, Joseph Gerson, Mario Galvan, and just this weekend, North Carolina Peace Action Vice-Chair Wally Myers and Chair John Heuer have helped […]

NPR: Can Next President Deliver on Promises of ‘Change’?

National Public Radio: Conversation with John Harwood and Gerald Seib Conversation with journalists John Harwood(Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC) and Gerald Seib(Executive Washington editor of The Wall Street Journal), authors of “Pennsylvania Avenue: Profiles in Backroom Power.” An excerpt of the book:             […]

Wrestling with Modern Imperialism

“All I know is that you have participated directly or indirectly in the crime.” Why is Half of Iraq in Absolute Poverty? By: Layla Anwar This is a line from an article written by an Iraqi woman named Layla Anwar. The crime she is referring to is, of […]