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  1. First off, it would be great to abolish this because it would be great if we all could coexist and I commend anyone whom aspires to this. However, Note that that is only good if all agree to dismantle it all. If we were to even consider lowering the amount of nukes to even 50 the balance of equality in the world would be devastating to the american system. The constitutional system that adheres to the possibility of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness and if you laugh at these words, this is the end of this reponse. First, I would like to know whom is the major contributor to your cause. Second, what form of peace agreement would possible work. We do not need a world governing board and if you adhere to that again you would not be for the american system. The american system, for which the whole world should be engaged in would lift the living conditions a thousand fold. For the monetary system that we now are trying to hold onto rapes, robs and distroys countries and their people.
    No matter how ideal your ideas are at this time, and they are commendable, it would be futile unless we distroy the monetary system. Go with a credit system world wide and allow the world to develop their own infrastructure. feed themselves without the greed of the British monetary system that rewards the very rich and pillages the very majority of its people. Until that fight is won. your grasping at straws to end the nukes is futile. And we all need to think about Hydrogen power and neucleur power because it is the only way we can all prosper and move foward with everyone enjoying the life we live in this country.

    Just a note. Harry truman was an idiot the war was over, The general at the time told them not to do it but he did. And if you look deep enough, you would find that it was done to impose fear so that they could be suppressed. Well, it worked to no avail. We won the battle but lost the war.

    I would vote no to any though of disarmament. It would be idiotic on our part and if we do what this president thinks should be done. it would be childish and idiotic. Unless at this time we do not start looking at our system as it stands now, we won’t need to worry about nukes, we will be in the new dark age just hoping we can eat.

    Thanks for your time but I admire and agree that it should be done but really know that to do it would mean that everyone is wonderful and loving.

    Dennis Egre

  2. How come there are no protests anymore ?

    – Obama has not withdrawn troops from Iraq. Levels are the same.

    – Obama has INCREASED 20,000 into Afghanistan. Now he wants 20,000 more.

    – Obama has forgiven Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld on torture.

    – Obama has set up a torture facility in Kabul (5 times Gitmo) !

    – Obama has increased War funding more than Bush. Way more.

    – Obama threatens war against Iran.

    – Obama has started a third war against Pakistan.

    If I close my eyes, I think I’m in a 3rd Bush term.

    Peace Action has lost its credibility since it is accepting all of this debauchery and killing from Obama.

    How pathetic. How humiliating.

    • Thsi man won a Noble Peacs prize?
      Why not give him an Oscar while you’re at it. Best acting during the presidential campaign!
      He fooled almost everyone…

  3. Hey Robert,

    I think it is unfair for you to project the media’s portrayal of the “plight of the antiwar movement” on us. Our members, affiliates, and staff members are still out there working for peace. We’re still protesting and we’re still holding vigils. More importantly, we’re still doing outreach to the greater community in the form of teach-ins, house parties, screenings and doing a lot of great legislative work too.

    I do think that you are partially right – it is harder in this environment to reach out to some parts of the “liberal” community. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t working, it means we’re working harder.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog.

    I hope you’ll join us on October 5th in Washington, DC for the No Good War protest convened by the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance.

  4. Your community Organizers.
    Hear me my fellow America have no fear of President mahmond Ahmadinejad I will say to President Obama have no fear, invited Ahmadinejad to the peace table, with a great philosophy in your mind he is just a man,but
    he that has no name is the great one my fellow America he is on our side so fear not, have no fear of the coming nuclear crisis,their will be some talk about it that what make up the news that we receive, we are not afraid,we shall over come,when thing look dark day light will come let us pray for peace let us inspire each other.the G 20 summit is just part of the job, President sleep well your hair will remain black no fear

    let us work tograther
    my key word let us be Junior Gentleman and stay inspire.

    Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

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  7. Very interesting article. Couldn’t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old chum. He constantly kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good chuckle. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. i am creating a web site that promotes/sells anti war products.i would like to donate 10% of the profits to a legitimate and worthy peace organization that isnt’t going away any time to soon and that dose good work and where most of it’s influx of income is’nt spent on extravagant salaries or is simply wasted.if you have any idea’s or ddirection i should go;i’m open to hearing them.thank you so much for you time and help in this matter.God bless,sincerly,

    • George – that would be VVAW,IVAW,Suffolk Peace Network,Veterans for Peace, Pax Christi or the Catholic Workers. The Catholic Workers is the oldest peace group and has been around forever and is most active even amongst the poverty sticken and feeds and houses the poor.

  9. From your America community organizer Subject the terror plot is another fear spot on the Americans people I want you shut out the fear, as well as the people of Iran thay are just trying to make the world live in fear, thay can not do all of what thay say America is too strong of a nation to live in fear so go on with your business the world is not goining to end yet, next the jobs act that President Barack Obama ask for is a good idea if the GOP would get on board , every thing that the President lay on the table the GOP want to stop it, but thay know that it would be a help to the Americans people, but because of jealousy the Gop aer hurting the poor and the middle class Americans so write to your congressmen and let them know how you feel or call washington, and here I am I need a new labtop computer and no rich people in American will donate me a computer,I have asked.
    and send in my address for my youth group ( the junior Gentlemen Club with young men and young lady on School bullying and crime, the mailing address is for the club
    is The Junior Gentlemen Club
    C/C Dr. Oliver D. Robinson Psy.D
    P.O.Box 205 or 202 Miller street
    Mound Bayou, Mississippi, 38762
    all of my work is free because of the weak economy.

    The key word ,do not live in fear

    Rev Dr O.D. Robinson Psy.D

  10. I have a vision to the Independence voter to re-elect
    Barack Obama in 2012 he has ended the War in Iraq,and he has a plan to end the war in Afghanistan &Pakistan
    Candidate mitt Romney has not said any thing about the billion of dollar that it cost to fight a war I
    have a vision that that God has allow us to see the
    that Obama has a new plan now that the 10 billion of
    On the war that money could be used to help with Jobs
    and the weak economy to bring back jobs so vote for
    obama from your america community organizer you can
    Find me on facebook by the name Oliver Robinson


  11. hi, We’re a young team of creatives involved in exploring how technology can spread cultural values remembering us who we are and where are our roots.
    We proposed to realize, in the spaces of a planned exhibition of history and art in Italy, a digital art & storytelling project.
    please visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/tolerance.
    Cntribute to this campaign and become part of history, making possible to spread people’ stories (and your’s) in the name of Peace and Tolerance all over the world. Because there can be no Peace without Tolerance.

  12. I pray that Mr. Sheldon Adelson of the Las Vegas cosino would help me to pay of the 25,000 dollar that I still owe on my two churches that were burn down to the ground due to arson and hate crime a few years ago if he goining to help Mitt Romney with compaign funds why not try to make it right and help me pay of that loan that I owe the bank it will take another eight years to pay of that $ 25,000 dollar so Honor Adelson why not help the poor middle class American who has had that kind of crime against God House. email beauthope@nexband.com
    Mound Bayou, Mississippi
    Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson


  13. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking
    back often!

    • From your America community organizer
      the violence resumes in Cariro Egypt I my
      opinion President Obama has a vision about it

      let us stay the course until the violence get

      worse,the key word is not War but we want
      peace in From Rev Dr.O.D.

      the common people in Cariro Egypt and the
      people in Syrian we as American do not want
      to wade into war

  14. From your America community my fellow friends in America remember to vote on June 4, 2014 and in november to vote for the democratic party we shall stand together the( key word say it loud

  15. Senator Thad Cochran is rerunning for his post with the Gop let us keep Thad, and (vote out Chris McDaniel,Thad has been in Washington for 41 years my fellow Mississippi vote for Thad Cochran senator, and out with the tea party that is for McDaniel let us stand together for Thad we need a Senator who know the road
    of course i am a Democratic,But in America we should vote for the best Republican so thad is that person
    from your America community organizer, we do not have a Democratic that is running,also vote for bennie G. Thomason
    The key word I have that vision
    Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D

  16. The people of Israeli and the palestinian State started fighting after the death of King Solomon the people with no laeder turn to sin King Solomon kept and control the 12 tribes,i say to the people of Israeli turn back to God turn away from your evil ways and stop the conflict and air strike the Absolute had plan for the peope of Israeli to be a holy Nation but you have turn your back on the Absolute turn away from evil leader and remember King David and King solomon heal your States of evil this is reality let this not be a riddle because you know better turn your spirit and soul back to God

  17. to my fellow American let us not seat any more Republicans on November 4,2014 what do you think House speaker John Boehner do not like President Obama foreign policy why ask your self that quester so follow me no more Republicans the GOP do not care about the very very poor and the middle classes Americans just think about it the salary of retired speaker of the house $ 223,000 for life so why should the Gop worry about the poor and the middle class American, and some of us have work forty years and have no retirement, the Average salary of soldier in Afghanistan $ 38,000 per year while in service did you know that so no more seat for the Republicans party
    from your America community organizer
    Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.d

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