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The problem with arming rebels in Syria

The Obama administration is reportedly revisiting the idea of arming rebels in Syria. Stephen Walt at Foreign Policy highlights some misconceptions about this potential approach to the conflict: This is the logic presented by former State Department official Frederick C. Hof, who told the New York Times that “the odds are very […]

Syria needs peaceful solutions

We heard your message loud and clear. Thank you to all of you who participated in our poll on our work on Syria. An overwhelming number of you urged us to focus on promoting peaceful solutions in Syria, while opposing military intervention. Click here to take action to […]

Peaceful solutions for Syria

In our poll from last month, Peace Action West members voted to support peaceful solutions to the crisis in Syria, while opposing military intervention. But what are things the US and the international community can do to help? It’s a complex crisis, and the complexity is compounded by […]

You vs. the NRA

There are 875 million guns in the world, and almost 2 bullets for every person on this planet. Apparently that’s not enough for the NRA and their right wing allies. They are working hard to undermine a new international treaty to stop the spread of conventional arms—weapons that […]