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Your opposition to the Iraq War forced the Bush administration to lie and dupe the American public to allow the invasion.  Our opposition ended that war earlier than the Bush administration wanted though at the cost of many American and Iraqi lives as well as trillions of tax […]

Iraq Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Oct 12 to 18: Pvt Christopher McCraw  23  Columbia MS Spc Geoffrey Johnson  28  Lubbock TX Sgt Michael Clark  24  Sacramento CA 14 were seriously wounded and maimed. 7 were returned to occupation. 131 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed. In Afghanistan […]

Iraq and Afghanistan Toll

Those who died in Iraq from Oct 5 to 11: Cpl Reuben Fernandez III  22  Abilene TX Col Michael Stahlman  45  Chevy Chase MD Sgt William Rudd  27  Madisonville KY 6 were seriously wounded. 16 were returned to occupation. 144 Iraqi brothers and sisters were killed. In Afghanistan, […]