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Statement on North Korea’s Nuclear Test

This statement, which I participated in the drafting/editing of, comes from the Working Group for Peace and Demilitarization in Asia and the Pacific, which Peace Action participates in, especially to lend solidarity to peoples’ peace struggles in the region and in opposing the U.S. military’s Asia-Pacific “pivot.” Feel […]

Very Scary – the U.S. Military’s Asia-Pacific Pivot – Let’s Build Up China (Our Banker) as the new Enemy and thus Justify the Permanent War Machine (Funded by our Tax Dollars!)

Lots to be scared of this Halloween – Frankenstorm and its aftermath, a possible Romey-Ryan Administration, running out of candy at 7:30 while trick or treaters still roam your neighborhood – but here’s a long-term concern, the U.S. military’s “Asia-Pacific Pivot.” Has anyone asked the American people whether getting into […]

Shaky Assumptions About Military Spending – North Carolina Peace Action’s Betsy Crites in the Durham Herald-Sun

 http://www.heraldsun.com/view/full_story/19167965/article-Shaky-assumptions-about-military-spending? By Betsy Crites HERALD-SUN GUEST  COLUMNIST Fear can be a great motivator – and a great manipulator. Those  who oppose cuts to military funding play on our fears to convince us that any  reduction in the defense budget would be a dangerous threat to our national  security […]