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Afghanistan – The “Who Cares?” War

–Kevin Martin, Executive Director Last week, veteran AP reporter Robert Burns wrote an interesting article on the 9/11 anniversary  titled “War Weary US is Numbed to Drumbeat of Troop Deaths.” Burns told moving stories of a few troops who recently died in Afghanistan, and interviewed some military brass […]

PA & IVAW At Hofstra: The Final Debate

As reported here and in our Action Alerts Peace Action has been on the front lines for Democracy with Iraq Veterans Against the War.  After the success at the Democratic National Convention members of IVAW and Peace Action New York State attempted to ask their questions about Veteran’s […]

Why we Protest

It works!  Our own Jonathan Williams – Peace Action’s SPAN Coordinator marched with IVAW and thousands of other protestors to block the way of Democratic delegates until they let an IVAW representative speak with the Obama camp. From the IVAW website: IVAW members in Denver on Wednesday where […]