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US taxpayer dollars, $250 million of em, spent to train sixty, that’s 60, Syrian rebels (that’s fewer fighters than an NFL roster, and more expensive per gladiator!)

How about instead of throwing this money down the proverbial crapper, we use it to potty-train all the children in the world. Or for refugee/humanitarian assistance in Syria. This failure (which we’ve also seen with “training” “our guys” in Iraq and Afghanistan) was inevitable, since nobody could even […]

John McCain joins the antiwar camp?

It was surprising enough to hear this week that Republican C.W. Bill Young of Florida made a u-turn and called for an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. But Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Republican foreign policy leader, former presidential candidate, and hawk extraordinaire takes the cake. “I think all options […]

The Best and Worst of Congress in 2009

This is an excerpt from Peace Action West’s 2009 congressional voting record. Click here to see the voting record and learn how your representatives voted on key issues from Afghanistan to military spending, Gaza to Guantanamo. BEST Grassroots power and common sense defeat wasteful F-22 fighter jets When […]