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A trillion dollars for new nuclear weapons?

New Hampshire Peace Action Executive Director Will Hopkins and Arnie Alpert of New Hampshire’s American Friends Service Committee office had a terrific op-ed in the Manchester (NH) Union Leader on Monday. By Will Hopkins and Arnie Alpert As U.S.-Soviet relations heated to the boiling point during the 1962 […]

Thank and spank!

By Judith Le Blanc Peace Action Field Director This week, Peace Action joined others in sending a thank you letter to Reps. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) and Barney Frank (D-MA).  They submitted an amendment to cut $1.1 billion from the 2013 Pentagon budget, effectively freezing the military budget at this […]

House Republicans make our point for us

For decades, we have pointed out that bloated military spending takes money away from programs that have a much more positive impact on society–health care, education, the social safety net, and on and on. Last week, House Republicans decided to put those out of whack priorities into stark […]

Are you smarter than the Pentagon?

At the very least, you are surely less resistant to making reasonable cuts in the Pentagon budget. Over the last few months, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been spouting hyperbole about the supposed dangers of cutting the bloated military budget, saying cuts would turn the dominant US military […]