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Afghanistan – the Who Cares War?

Not Exactly, But it Fails the Real Definition of a Just War –Kevin Martin  Amid all the grim news in Afghanistan as the war enters its 12th year, a new initiative by the youth-led Afghan civil society organization Afghan Peace Volunteers called 2 Million Friends for Peace in […]

Occupation: Still Stupid

This week, Greg Mortenson, who has been successfully building hundreds of schools for girls and boys in Afghanistan, offered a brilliant alternative to war in Afghanistan via Nicolas Kristof’s piece in the NY Times: Mr. Mortenson says that $243 million is needed to fund all higher education in […]

Rethink Afghanistan: Civilian Casualties

Our friends at Brave New Foundation have just released the latest part of their documentary Rethink Afghanistan. This segment offers a heartbreaking look at the civilian casualties caused by the occupation of Afghanistan. The mainstream media has not brought this human side of the war to the American […]