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I just love Justin Timberlake…

pardon the Obama signs in the back.  What’s important about this video is the rush for the youth vote.  As a recently graduated ‘youth’ – well kind of youth…perhaps on the tail end of youth (but if the boomers can stay young forever why not their kids, right?).  […]

The Hardest Vote

The disaffection of Ohio’s working class. by George Packer October 13, 2008 “You can’t make the assumption that because people are suffering economically,” a union official said, that “they’ll vote Democratic.” Barbie Snodgrass had agreed to meet me at a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, on a strip of […]

A Palin Poem

I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM MY HOUSE! as alaska slathers on lipstick and hits the street and McPalin oil pimps draw maps for drilling her body as tundra goes tropical, glaciers cry cracks in gaunt cheeks and cabins on mountains become prime real estate on the beach sarah […]