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You. Tomorrow. Vote.

Tomorrow is the big day. As someone who cares about the future of peace on our planet, I want to encourage you to go out and vote. This is one small, but powerful, action you can take to promote your values. Don’t forget to remind all your friends […]

Amazing. Mubarak steps down.

This is incredible. At around 6:15PM in Cairo, (this morning for us) Hosni Mubarak ended his 30 year reign as President of Egypt. Honestly, it’s incredible to be able to watch this unfold live via Al Jazeera English’s YouTube channel. If you can, I recommend checking it out. […]

Occupation: Still Stupid

This week, Greg Mortenson, who has been successfully building hundreds of schools for girls and boys in Afghanistan, offered a brilliant alternative to war in Afghanistan via Nicolas Kristof’s piece in the NY Times: Mr. Mortenson says that $243 million is needed to fund all higher education in […]