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A House Divided

The House of Representatives just can’t make up its mind. They have passed two pieces of legislation recently that directly conflict with each other regarding spending levels for certain nuclear weapons programs. A small group of Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee seem to think that if […]

Nuclear bombs are not political pawns

This is part three in our series on the National Defense Authorization Act vote that concluded Friday morning. We’ve covered the Afghanistan vote, and some of the other issues addressed in the bill. Another topic of discussion in Congress this week was the status of our arsenal of […]

House Republicans make our point for us

For decades, we have pointed out that bloated military spending takes money away from programs that have a much more positive impact on society–health care, education, the social safety net, and on and on. Last week, House Republicans decided to put those out of whack priorities into stark […]


One influential Republican in Congress is not too happy that we won our campaign to zero out funding for a new nuclear bomb factory. And rumor has it he is scheming to turn back the clock to the Cold War arms race. The good news is, he isn’t […]

Getting real about foreign aid

Republicans are making a big show about cutting foreign aid in their quest to rein in spending and cut the deficit. And it appears that the show has an impact on how the public views the budget, since all this fuss about foreign aid has convinced people that […]

Stand up for peaceful alternatives to war

Last month, Republicans slashed and burned their way through the federal budget, gutting critical programs in an ideological drive to cut billions of dollars in spending. While the military spending juggernaut saw an $8 billion increase, Republicans eviscerated diplomacy and development programs that prevent conflict, create stability, and […]