By Yeabu Conteh CTBT– The Next Sensible Step Toward Nuclear Abolition Long part of Peace Action’s strategy for a nuclear-free world, we are renewing our efforts to secure Senate ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).  CTBT is a multi-lateral treaty that outlaws explosive nuclear testing and is […]

You made it happen

It turns out we’ve got something extra to celebrate this holiday season. And I want you to know how important you were in ratifying the first major disarmament treaty in decades, because this is a story that begins and ends with you. It’s people like you who’ve known […]

Stop Republican delay tactics

Who will triumph in one of the last big political battles of 2010? The Republicans, Democrats, security experts, military officials and 73% of the American public who support ratifying New START? Or Senator Jon Kyl and his right wing cronies who are playing partisan politics with nuclear security? […]

Just four more to go!

Just four more Republican senators, and we’ll have the votes we need to ratify the first disarmament treaty in decades. Please click here to find out how just a little help from you can go a long way. We are so close. That’s why we won’t rest until […]