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You put the brakes on war

It’s astounding to watch a run-up to war come to a screeching halt. And it wouldn’t have happened without your efforts. Just a couple of weeks ago, the media was discussing a strike on Syria as an inevitability. After you joined the clamor for a vote in Congress, President Obama surprisingly slowed down […]

Our message to Congress on Syria

We are on Capitol Hill this week urging members of Congress to vote against authorizing force in Syria. In our first day, we’ve already visited dozens of offices, and most people we talk to are undecided and still gathering information to inform their decisions. Since a lot of […]

Could your rep. tip the scales?

It’s time to really ramp things up. The House and Senate are scheduled to vote on attacking Syria this week. We’re on Capitol Hill right now urging members to vote no, and we need your voices behind us. ABC and other media outlets are projecting a very close vote.  Your representatives could make the […]

Call now: say NO to war

Our pressure is working. Last week, many people thought war with Syria was inevitable—until the clamor you helped raise forced the president to put on the brakes. President Obama’s dramatic decision to take the Syria war authorization vote to Congress gives you and me a voice — IF […]