President’s Budget: Social Media Action Today

March 4, 2014
MOVE Square

Rethink Media has prepared fabulous sample tweets and posts for Facebook for social media response to today’s announcement of the President’s budget. Our aim is to shine a spotlight on the wasteful spending in the Pentagon budget.


Sample Tweets on Budget Release:

When we’re winding down two wars, why does the #DoDBudget remain sky-high?

The #Pentagon wastes billions of #DoDBudget on programs driven by special interests that do not advance American security

#DoDBudget should prioritize needs for 21st Century threats, not special interests pet projects

Sample Tweets on F35

Instead of raising the #DoDBudget cut the #F35, the most expensive weapons program ever via

Want to know why the #DoDBudget is so big? The #F35 is one reason via

$1.5 TRILLION – the #F35 is the most expensive weapons program ever, and it doesn’t even work:

“Can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run” – the #F35 is a bad deal for American #DoDBudget #F35baddeal

#F35: 10 years late and devouring the #DoDBudget – great new film by @BraveNewFilms  #NoF35 via

Can’t fly at night? See why the #F35 is a BAD DEAL for #DoDBudget in new film by @BraveNewFilms

Amplifying Good Media Coverage Tweets

 @StephenatHome calls the #F35 “jobsolete” – watch here and see why the #F35 is a BAD DEAL at

The “jobsolete” #F35 – @colbertreport calls out #Pentagon waste – watch here and see


New Win Without War F-35 Graphic

Defense Budgets Across the world (AFP)

New Action to End Nuclear Weapons

January 8, 2009

URGENT –Make US Leadership to Abolish Nuclear Weapons a Top Ten Idea to Change America

Dear Friends,

Here’s a chance to really make a difference.

The website is holding a contest to choose the ten best ideas for change in America.  Out of more than 7,500 proposals and more than 250,000 votes, our idea for “US Leadership to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Globally” has made it to the final round with some 90 other ideas.  People from throughout America and around the world will be voting in the final round to choose the top ten ideas from 8:00 a.m. EST on January 5th until 5:00 p.m. EST on January 15th.

The top ten ideas selected will be promoted to the Obama administration and to the public, beginning with an event at the National Press Club on January 16th.

We ask you to take three steps now to help make Nuclear Weapons Abolition an idea whose time has come.

1. VOTE:  Even if you voted in the first round, you must vote again in this final round to be counted.  To vote, click here to go to our idea for change:, then click on the vote button.  (If you haven’t already signed up at, you will be prompted to put in your name, email and a password that you choose.  After signing up, press the vote button again.)

2. FORWARD THIS MESSAGE: Send this message to everyone on your email list with a personal note of encouragement from you.  Every vote counts and for our idea to succeed it is really important for each of us to mobilize our own personal networks.

3. CALL TEN PEOPLE: Call the ten people you know who are most likely to be influential in getting out the vote, give them a heads-up that you’ve sent this message to them, and ask for their help.

We’ve never had a better chance to raise the profile of Nuclear Weapons Abolition and make real progress toward achieving it.  Nor have we ever had a new president coming to Washington who is more receptive to the public on this issue.  Now is our time.  Your involvement now can help make a critical difference on this issue that will affect the future of all humanity.  Every vote matters.  With your help we can make Nuclear Weapons Abolition an idea whose time has come.

Your help can make all the difference.

Take Concrete Steps to Engage Iran

December 30, 2008

Please support these actions by our colleagues at Just Foreign Policy

As of this writing, our modest proposal, “Take Concrete Steps to
Engage Iran,” now has 136 votes at The website says, “This
idea is currently in 4th Place in Peace in the Middle East and needs
14 more votes to make it into the second round.”

The link is here:

If you have an account at, it takes about 5 seconds to
vote; if you don’t have an account, it takes about 15 seconds to
create one. The voting is non-exclusive – you can vote for as many
ideas as you want, and there are also different categories. Vote by
simply clicking the blue box on the left.

In our proposal, we call for opening a U.S. interests section in
Tehran and allowing direct flights between Tehran and New York.

Robert Naiman
Just Foreign Policy

No War With Iran Call to Action – SIGN ON TODAY

August 5, 2008

The 2008 elections are right around the corner. John McCain still adamantly supports extending the failed Global War on Terror his party implemented in Iraq and Afghanistan to Iran. Barrack Obama supports direct talks with Iran; but, the peace community has learned to be wary of election season promises.

We need to start NOW – before November – to prevent war with Iran. You can start here, by signing our petition to PROMOTE PEACE WITH IRAN. The petition calls for unconditional diplomatic talks between our countries, an end to sanctions which only hurt poor people, and expresses our vehement opposition to another failed military strategy in the Middle East. MORE ON THIS CAMPAIGN

•Tell them to work for direct, unconditional, and comprehensive talks between the U.S. and Iran;
•The U.S. and Iran share a common interest: a stable Iraq, Middle East and Afghanistan.
•The U.S. pursued negotiations with North Korea and Libya-it’s time to talk with Iran.


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