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You vs. the NRA

There are 875 million guns in the world, and almost 2 bullets for every person on this planet. Apparently that’s not enough for the NRA and their right wing allies. They are working hard to undermine a new international treaty to stop the spread of conventional arms—weapons that […]

New Action to End Nuclear Weapons

URGENT –Make US Leadership to Abolish Nuclear Weapons a Top Ten Idea to Change America Dear Friends, Here’s a chance to really make a difference. The website Change.org is holding a contest to choose the ten best ideas for change in America.  Out of more than 7,500 proposals and […]

Take Concrete Steps to Engage Iran

Please support these actions by our colleagues at Just Foreign Policy As of this writing, our modest proposal, “Take Concrete Steps to Engage Iran,” now has 136 votes at change.org. The website says, “This idea is currently in 4th Place in Peace in the Middle East and needs […]